How To Make Friend Sweet Plantains In A Simple Way Without Letting It Get Too Greasy

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Fried sweet plantains are a great side dish to serve meats, soups, and much more. The only problem is that when the fruit is already ripe, it runs the risk of getting old, absorbing more oil than it should, getting soggy and greasy. To prevent it from getting greasy when you fry it, here's a little trick.

Fried Sweet Plantains recipe hack

If you love sweet plantains but hate how greasy they get when you fry them, here's a tip you'll love. After peeling it and before frying the banana, pass the whole fruit or in large pieces in the wheat flour.

First, put wheat flour on the banana, then you can brew normally by dipping into the beaten egg or water, and then pass through the breadcrumbs. Once it is covered with a layer of flour, fry the banana in the very hot oil.

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Another tip is to do this recipe with a ripe banana. Even when it is not green, this variety of fruit is more tender and withstands high temperatures without disintegrating or absorbing part of the frying oil.

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Camila Silva.