5 Easy-To-Do Cookie Recipes To Bless Your Sweet Tooth

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Nowadays they have a National Day for every possible thing in life, including food. But it's OK, no one's complaining!

In case you too can't keep up with all of the national days of the year, we must inform you that December 4th marks National Cookie Day.

According to Days of the Year, Cookie Day became a thing in 1987 after Matt Nader of the San Francisco-based Blue Chip Cookie Company had the bright idea of inventing it, claiming “It’s just like having National Secretaries Day… It will just be a fun thing to do.”

Thirty years later and here we are celebrating each day of our lives as if it were December 4—don't lie.

Nowadays, Cookie Day is celebrated worldwide. People can honor this day by scoring free cookies at their local bakery or baking a delicious recipe with the family. Below are five easy-to-do options. Happy National Cookie Day!

Brigadeiro Cookie Dough Balls

Lemon Pie Cookies

Cookies and Cream in a Cup

Icebox Cake with Cookies

Cookie Shots

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