7 Pizza Recipes That Are The Perfect Alternatives For Your Next Party

pizza party

Friday could only mean one thing. No, not happy hour, but pizza! Cheat day... extra pepperoni... one, two, three, eight slices... you get the idea.

Apparently, National Pizza Party is a thing and it's celebrated the third Friday of May, as reported by the National Day Calendar.

You, of course, need to go HAM (with pineapple and mushrooms, please) and celebrate with a good ole' pizza party. But forget buying your fave large pizza with extra toppings, that's lame and no fun.

Why not check out these seven alternatives you can actually do at home while you wait for your guests?

1. Pizza in a Cup

2. Prosciutto Pizza Rolls

3. Homemade Pizza Rolls

4. Brunch Pizza

5. Pizza on a Stick

6. Waffle Pizza

7. Mexican Pizza

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