5 Easy Dessert Recipes To Make Your Brunch All The Sweeter

mothers day recipes

With Mother's Day sneaking up on us, nothing screams "spending quality time with mom" like baking! 

While some people rather show their love with gifts or a dinner invite, other's rather make their gift from scratch. So, considering the holiday always falls on a Sunday, why not actually prepare a nice brunch for mom? 

We've already hooked it up with 7 refreshing cocktails recipes and paired each with a delicious dish, all that's missing is the dessert. 

If your mom loves to bake, then this calls for the perfect opportunity to catch up, gossip, and share great family anecdotes. Sounds like a Mother's Day plan to me! You can thank us later.

1. Dulce de Leche-Filled Pate A Choux

2. Chocolate Chip Cake

3. Brownie Cheesecake with Caramel

4. Naked Red Velvet Cake

5. Cinnamon Pancakes

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