Queen Elizabeth NEVER Goes Out Without Her Gloves; What's The Reason?

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In any event, Queen Elizabeth II always looks impeccable from head to toe. Perhaps not many will agree with some of her color choices, but even the smallest accessory is important. And if we had to think of a characteristic accessory that she ALWAYS wears, it's gloves.

Why does she always wear gloves?

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The gloves are already an icon in the dress of Queen Elizabeth. Cornelia James is the brand responsible for making gloves for the queen for more than 70 years.

"The Queen wears gloves because they’ve always been part of her style," explained Genevieve James, Creative Director of Cornelia James to GoodHousekeeping. "The mind’s eye picture of the Queen is the white-gloved hand waving."

The queen never wears leather or synthetic gloves, prefers pure cotton with some suede. The sleeves always end under her coat, without leaving your arms exposed. Colors vary in shades of white, black or ivory.

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According to the brand, the gloves that make the queen have a particular style and are practical. In addition to the gloves being part of her style, she also uses them to protect her hands. "They’re necessary because if you’re the Queen, you’re shaking a lot of hands, so they protect her hands as well."

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Noelia Farias.