Harry And Meghan: The Prince Refuses To Sign A Prenup That Would Protect His Fortune

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Sometimes we're not aware of how much money someone in the royal family has, but one thing's certain: it's a lot! Prince Harry has an accumulated fortune of approximately 54 million dollars. However, he refused to sign a prenuptial agreement to divide the assets in case of divorce, because he is confident that his relationship with Meghan Markle will be lasting.

He is not the first to do so: his brother Prince William also refused to sign before marrying Kate Middleton. So far they have proven to be a strong and trusting couple.

Where do their fortunes come from?

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Harry inherited 18 million from his mother, Princess Diana, while the rest comes from other types of investments or inheritances. Meghan, on the other hand, is known for the series Suits, which she recently left. Her capital is 7 million dollars, a small number compared to her future husband but not negligible.

Prenuptial agreements are not as common in the United Kingdom as in the United States, which partly explains his decision. They also have less legal weight, although several specialists recommend it as a way to avoid public conflicts in the event of an eventual divorce.

Refusing an agreement of this kind is not uncommon, given that it is a media marriage and everyone knows every detail. The wedding will be held on May 19 at Windsor Castle and will have guests such as the Spice Girls and Elton John.

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Katia Silveira.