This Is The Fascinating Reason Homer Simpson Loves Donuts So Much

homer simpson loves donuts
The Simpsons / FOX

You might be a sucker for doughnuts as much as the next person, but truth is, no one is a bigger fan than Homer Simpson

The beloved fictional character from The Simpsons—only the longest-running U.S. primetime TV series, animated series, and sitcom in history—is known for many things, one of them being a devoted doughnut lover. 

In fact, unless you've been living under a rock, for like ever, the series is very much associated with a hot pink doughnut with sprinkles on it. Even The Simpsons Movie has a big ole' doughnut on its poster. So there's that.

But after almost three decades of the show being around, you're probably asking yourself why the hell does Homer, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, love the sweet treat so much? 

donuts simpson gif
The Simpson/Fox via Giphy

We did the legwork for you—in the case you've been too busy to Google it—and this is what we found out.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2010, creator of the cartoon, Matt Groening, the Simpson family was inspired by some of his own family members. Homer, especially, was inspired and named after his father, Homer Groening

"Homer originated with my goal to both amuse my real father, Homer, and just annoy him a little bit," he told EW. "My father was an athletic, creative, intelligent filmmaker and writer, and the only thing he had in common with Homer was a love of donuts. And he never strangled me, but he got so mad sometimes, it felt like that could be the next move," he added. 

With that said, we're pretty sure Homer would LOVE The Salty Donut in Miami. MmMmM!

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