The Internet Went Ham With These Hilarious United Airlines Memes

united airlines memes

United Airlines has become the center of attention after it forcefully dragged a passenger out of the plane because it was overbooked. The brutal video, which can be seen here, has been making the rounds and causing an uproar on social media.

Following the incident, the airline suffered a nearly $1 billion loss in value. Seriously, a lot of people are upset. They're boycotting, they're protesting, they're doing tons of things.

Others went ham and reacted with priceless memes and tweets. They're hilarious. I promise.

People began to suggest new slogans

These new flight attendants tho'

These sarcastic ads are life

But, check out this shade from competitors

United's CEO, Oscar Muñoz, released an apology via an official statement. But we all know that actions speak more than words.

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