This Man Vows To Celebrate Selena's Legacy With Annual Fan Fiesta

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Raymond Rios, Roger Gomez / Vix courtesy

For four years, Roger Gomez has made it a promise to keep Selena Quintanilla's legacy alive by organizing an event for fans by fans. He blessed the annual event as the Selena Fan Gathering.

The celebration launched in 2014 and has been held annually in Los Angeles, Calif. at Plaza de la Raza.

"The first Selena Fan Gathering was in 2014 after I went to check out a new Selena mural in Plaza de la Raza," Gomez told "It was then when I had the idea to meet other Selena fans and the fan gathering was born. About 100 people showed up to the first one with roses and balloons in honor of Selena. It was short and sweet, about 30 mins."

Now, four years later, the Selena Fan Gathering has become a yearly celebration that lasts about five hours. The fourth annual gathering was hosted on April 8, and this is what it entailed:

A DJ blasting Selena's greatest hits.

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

A Selena lip-sync battle.

selena fan gathering5
Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

A Queen of Tejano fashion show

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

With lots of bustiers.

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

And cow prints.

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

And iconic concert looks.

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

And of course, purple glitz.

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

A lot of beautiful works of art.

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

A Selena impersonator show.

Live music ***baila, baila, sin parar!***

And a lot of giveaways we desperately need.

Gomez, who's the founder of LoveSelena, created the event with one main goal: "I know a lot of people can't or don't have the luxury to travel out to Corpus Christi or attend the official Selena tribute Fiesta de la Flor, so I bring a little of Selena here to L.A.," he said.

Although he's a one-man show, the 38-year-old fan from Santa Ana is grateful to count with the help of close friends, such as Myriam Garcia, Stephanie De La Rosa, Ray Gonzalez and Sam Reyes, who always help bring to life such amazing event.

"I think it's important to have this event because of the fans. It's a fun, friendly family atmosphere for all ages. It's one of many ways to show our love to Selena and we express that through the #SelenaFanGathering," Gomez said.

The 2017 fan gathering was not only dedicated to Selena's legacy, but also to fellow Selena fans whose mothers passed away last year: Josie Velasco, Josefina Romero, and Alma Rosa Reygoza.

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Roger Gomez / Vix courtesy

"I feel that the fans are the reason why her legacy is still much alive and loved. We play her music, we sign the petitions for things to happen like the wax figure, the M.A.C. collection, and coming this year her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame," Gomez said.

"These are great examples of the power of Selena fans. We make things happen. It's dedication. It's love for Selena."

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Raymond Rios / Vix courtesy

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