Selena Quintanilla’s Coca-Cola Ad Shows Us How It’s Really Done

pepsi responds after twitter clapped back at the companys controversial ad 1
Pepsi/Kendall and Kylie Jenner/Youtube

Pepsi is doing some serious crisis management after their tone-deaf ad was ripped to shreds on the Internet. The ad featuring Kendall Jenner has been taken down, and Pepsi has issued apologies to Jenner and the public. 

Pepsi-gate has resulted in some shady behaviors. Madonna took Pepsi’s blunder as an opportunity to post a picture to Instagram of her holding a Coca-Cola can complete with an unmistakeable side eye. 

The Twitterverse is even saying Pepsi’s faux pas is great promo for Coca-cola. 

Even Selena Quintanilla’s fandom is in on the shade parade. The Queen of Tejano’s fans have whipped out a rare commercial spot she did for Coca-Cola in 1988, where she sings about how amazing Coca-Cola Classic is and how it can’t be beaten. 

There’s even a version of the commercial in Spanish, showing diversity with the then up and coming songstress.

All shade aside, Pepsi, don’t let this bring you down. You can come back from this mess stronger than ever!


Pepsi Responds After Twitter Clapped Back At The Company’s Controversial Ad

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