'Father Of The Bride' Cast Had A Surprise Reunion And It'll Make Your Week

the father of the bride cast had a surprise reunion and itll make your whole week 1
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Who can forget the scene in Father Of The Bride where Steve Martin gets arrested for pulling hot dog buns out of the package at the grocery store, because he refuses to pay for anything else he doesn't need? Classic. Thankfully, it's 2017, and three of the film's stars have given us exactly what we need, with a super sweet reunion pic.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley, the actress behind Annie Banks, recently posted a photo of herself with her movie-Dad (George Banks), Steve Martin, and movie-crazy French wedding planner (Franck Eggelhoffer) Martin Short. The three of them saw each other at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry concert hall, where Martin and Short were in a show together that Williams-Paisley went to go see. Adorbs

Although there is no third installment of the movie in the works, it's so heartwarming (and comforting, somehow) to see these three together again. Annie Banks already had a baby in the second movie, so maybe a theoretical third would see said baby leave for college? No? Maybe another wedding?

A girl can dream. Oh, and if you forgot the hot dog scene, here's a refresher. You can't not remember it. 

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