Pope Francis Is So Dope, He Goes Shoe Shopping All By Himself

pope francis is so dope he does his own shoe shopping 1
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Pope Francis is known for a lot of things, namely his progressiveness and his humility. He works hard, but he’s also one of the chillest popes we’ve ever seen. He's sochill, that he even buys his own shoes

On Wednesday, December 21, Pope Francis left the Vatican for a quick sec and popped into a pharmacy to pick up a pair of orthopedic shoes. According to Mitu, the Pope has chronic sciatica, and the orthopedic shoes help reduce his pain.

This isn’t the first time Pope Francis shows he’s just like us. He turned his private summer palace into a museum, and famously gave up living in the papal apartments of the Apostolic Palace to continue residing in the Casa Santa Marta Hotel, a Vatican guesthouse which, according to the Telegraph, accommodates visiting clergy and lay people.

According to The Catholic Telegraph, he takes his meals in the common dining room and celebrates 7 a.m. mass with Vatican employees in the main chapel of the residence.

If you aren’t already obsessed with the Pope, read up on when he said that the Church must apologize to the LGBTQ community, as well as mistreated women, for marginalizing them. He also sometimes dresses up like a priest so he can sneak out and feed the poor. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

pope francis is so dope he does his own sow shopping 1
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