Walter Mercado Has Just Blessed Us With This Doritos Commercial

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We’ve been officially blessed by the iconic Walter Mercado. For real.

Mercado’s collaboration with Doritos in a recent commercial is what we never knew we needed.

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We're pretty bummed that PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, who heads Doritos, recently made the decision to not participate in the Super Bowl. Doritos commercials were known to be instant classics during the Super Bowl starting in 2007 when it ran the first ad for its Crash the Super Bowl ad contest. A Frito-Lay spokesman told Ad Age, “it did not fit with our marketing plans.” 

But we are very happy that Mercado fits in their marketing plans, because this commercial is everything.

It features Mercado launching into space with a gold spacesuit after he gaining courage by eating Doritos. With the tag line proclaiming “For the Bold,” it doesn’t get any more bold and iconic than Mercado. The commercial ends with Mercado appearing in the cosmos, what an actual star. 

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