7 Things To Know About Gina Rodriguez's New Boyfriend, Joe LoCicero

gina rodriguez new boyfriend
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Love is in the air for Gina Rodriguez and her new novio, Joseph "Joe" LoCicero.

Although the Puerto Rican actress has been very low key about her relationship on social media, the two made it official at a recent event.

In late November, Rodriguez and LoCicero were all lovey-dovey at the Marie Claire’s Young Women’s Honors red carpet, where they cuddled in front of the cameras. Since, they have become our favorite couple!

And look at them now, all cute and adorbz in Thailand.

Here are some things you probably didn't know and should know about Joe:

1. They most probably met on the set of Jane The Virgin.

Like, who wouldn't want to date him after this scene?

2. He's acted in a couple of other TV shows.

3. He's been in music videos, too.

4. He's also done the modeling thing—underwear model to be exact.

5. But something tells us his go-to is martial arts; kickboxing, MMA Fighting, and all that good stuff.

6. Like, he shares the same passion for boxing as Gina.

7. And he's from Los Angeles, in case you were wondering.

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