Selena Quintanilla Fans Are Planning A Boycott Movement After Chris Perez Lawsuit


By now, it's a known fact that Selena Quintanilla fans are loyal, devoted, and together, have a powerful voice. I mean, the proof can be seen in #MACSelena.

Fans are all about keeping her legacy alive, but after a bittersweet situation made recent headlines, they are found in between a rock and a hard place.

  • The sweet:Selena's widower, Chris Perez, revealed that his book To Selena With Love will be adapted into a TV show by Major TV and Endemol Shine.
  • The bitter: Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, filed a lawsuit against Perez and Endemol Shine to stop production.

“The suit states Perez is in violation of an Estate Properties Agreement he signed two months after her death in 1995,” reports Forbes. The agreement states Quintanilla "is the exclusive rights holder of all ‘Entertainment Properties.'"

Despite this huge downer, Selena fans on the Internet are rejoicing once again—and with a broken heart—are even planning a boycott movement. Why? "Because anything for Selenas!"

The founder of Chris Perez Rockers fan page was one of the first people to step their foot down, stating that they're going stop visiting the Selena museum and the annual tribute event Fiesta de la Flor. Many fans already joined the movement and even promised to not buy the M.A.C. collection when it relaunches.

Clearly, fans are upset with the lawsuit and believe that Perez also has the rights to produce a TV show about his book and relationship with Selena.

Our question is: What would la Reina del Tex Mex do? Oh, what a heartbreaking and tough situation.

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