This Trump Family Portrait Will Make You Ponder

this trump family portrait will make you ponder2
Donald Trump via Reddit

Say what you want about Donald Trump and his family, but you can’t ignore the Trumps are pretty fascinating. 

Whether it be making up statistics, plagiarizing speeches, or getting dissed by a jewelry line, you know you’ll always be entertained when the Trumps are around. Recently, a Trump family portrait has been making its round on the web. And I must admit, it's a unique one.

The picture's origins are a little hazy, but you can’t deny the picture is quite odd. Let’s analyze it a tad.

Let's start by the elephant, actually the lion in the room.

Why is little Barron Trump propped up on top of a lion in a suit and tie? The world may never know.

On the topic of Barron, look at his toy cars.

Did you think Barron Trump would be caught dead playing with Hot Wheels? No! That’s for poor people.

Why are mom and dad so far from baby?

Now, I’m no family portrait expert, but isn’t the family supposed to be closer together not 20 miles apart? IDK it’s a little weird is all I’m saying. Is that ceiling art?

What is this the Sistine Chapel?

Oh no, wait it’s Donald Trump's gaudi penthouse.  

Donald Trump looks like a giddy little school boy.

He’s definitely more excited to be there than Barron is.

But, hey, Melania looks amazing!

How is that cape perfectly flowing and her face is still? Melania looks like she was photoshopped out of a high fashion magazine and put into this portrait.

There are so many more things I can say about this family portrait, but I won’t. But one last thing, is everything really gold? LOL


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