Photographer Teaches The Perfect Selfie And The Secret Is In The Eyes; Learn How To Do It

If you thought you knew everything about selfies and that the important things to take the perfect picture were the lighting and angle, you need to learn this secret. There's a trick celebrities use in their photoshoots, and photographer Peter Hurley even created a new word for it.

Trick for the perfect selfie

Squinchin' is the name of the foolproof technique created by the New Yorker Peter Hurley. He asks all celebrities to do it everytime he takes a picture for editorial or publicity shootings — or if you want to take a selfie. According to the professional, the perfect look for pictures depends only on squeezing lightly you upper and lower eyelids.

But don't overdo it, otherwise your eyes will close or your face will be wrinkled, like you are looking straight at the light. That's not the trick. The ideal is tensing the eyelids a little and relax at the click.

If you want to know how to do this subtle eye movement, watch the video for tips:

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Camila Silva.