New Moms And Dads, Here's Everything You DON'T Need To Worry About


Even if you've found it easy to prepare for new things in life like a new job, new home, or new school, we all know that parenthood is not one of those things. No matter how prepared you think you are, once your child arrives you'll realize how much more there is to do. So chill out, create your registry, and look forward to meeting your bundle of joy!

Your baby’s home has been mom's belly for the past nine months and now that he or she has arrived, and are growing, learning and becoming a part of the world, you’ll undoubtedly freak out about a few things. But you’re not alone. Here are some things all new parents freak out about and how to ease your mind.

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Childbirth can be terrifying

Women have been having babies for centuries. If they can do it, so you can you! It sounds like a scary concept but every mother goes through this scare the first time around but there are so many resources out there to help you - take advantage of them.

Driving around with your baby

All new parents are terrified to drive because they now have precious cargo. If you stress about it too much, you’ll make yourself too nervous behind the wheel.

Dropping the baby

Many first time parents have only held a baby maybe once or twice in their lives, so holding a newborn can be a little terrifying! Trust in yourself that you won’t drop them, and know that you’ll get the hang of parenthood as soon as you arrive home.


Taking off the baby weight

You’ve been gaining weight over the past nine months, so how could you possibly lose it all? You can and you will! Breastfeeding has actually been shown to jumpstart some weight loss!

Thinking you'll be totally clueless

There are no perfect parents and all new parents feel like they have no idea what they’re doing.

Clipping their tiny nails

You’ll probably Google how to do this every time you need to clip their nails. Take a deep breath and buy baby clippers. They have a safety feature so you won’t hurt their tiny fingers.

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Wondering what that noise they just made means?

You’ll probably hear whistling or gurgling noises all the time but it’s normal. The breathing control center of their brain is still developing.

Why do they sleep all the time?

Newborns sleep - that’s what they do. It’s normal, so enjoy it while you can!