Fun Ways To Make Your Baby's First Photos Extra Special

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It's one of the most magical times in your life.

Your new baby has finally arrived and you bought six baby photo albums and it’s time to start filling them! To document this beautiful time in your life, you’ll either want to hire a photographer or take pictures yourself. Think about your photos first and plan what types of snapshots you want. Here are some creative ideas to get you started!

newborn photography size

Focus on their tiny size

They will never be this tiny again! Focus on the size of their cute little feet or tiny fingers. Think about a photo with their hand in your hand for a sweet pic.

Take lots of candid shots

Candid shots are always so meaningful, especially when your newborn has an older sibling. The interactions between the two meeting each other for the first time is just too perfect.

Make a GIF

If you want to go a step above the standard still photos, make a GIF of some cute poses or facial expressions.

newborn photography fairytale

Fairy tale inspiration

It’s already a fairy tale just having your baby, but you can make it even more magical by having a photographer set up a fairytale inspired background for your prince or princess.

Use the season

Use the time of the year to your advantage! If you have a spring baby, take photos in the garden or if you have a fall baby, give the background a Halloween theme. And of course dressing your baby up in Christmas outfits is a given.

Favorite movie

Got a favorite movie or one that has a lot of meaning to your family? Pose your newborn in a "scene" from the movie. You could be goofy with it too if you want.

newborn photography dog

Babies and their furry family members

If you have a sweet dog curled up beside your baby, guarding them, that’s always a sweet photo. We also love seeing the shots with infants curled up on top of a very large breed of dog!

Use Photoshop

Don't change your baby's beautiful face, but Photoshopping them into different scenarios can create some pretty cool - and pretty hilarious - keepsakes.

Make a monthly series

Do a monthly series to document how your baby grows, you could get some ideas off of Pinterest or Instagram from other mommies.