Hilarious Stories From Real Parents About The Times They Were Outsmarted By Their Kids

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Every parent has those moments when their kid acts up and does something that's so annoying and yet so clever that it's hard to really get mad. Test your poker face abilities with these real stories from actual parents (shared on Reddit) about their kid's smartest shenanigans. Here are some of our favorites...

Can't Knock The Hustle

"When my son was in pre-school (age 4) he was very good at putting things together. The classroom he was in had a marble game that the kids loved to play, but was very hard to put together before you could play. Most kids would spend the entire play time putting it together. My son could do it in about two minutes. His teacher told us during the parents night that she caught him putting it together for kids in exchange for their cookies, etc at snack time. Not a bad little hustle."

The Penny-In-The-Diaper Trick

"We keep my youngest son's door locked (from the outside) at night. We have a baby monitor in there in case anything goes wrong. We lock the door so he doesn't escape at night and fall down the stairs. Recently we noticed he was escaping even though we locked the door. Turns out he was hiding a penny in his diaper and would put it in the door catch to stop it from engaging even if we locked it from outside.

I can't even say I disapprove of it, I was genuinely impressed with it."


A Budding Tech Genius

"My kid cursed someone out in an online game which results in an instant removal of Internet privileges. About 2 hours later his older brother comes down and goes "Hey, little brother is playing online, isn't he supposed to be banned?" (smirking because he got his younger brother in trouble).

Checked the router. Sure enough the PS4 is busy talking to Call of Duty's servers. But... it's still showing blocked. WTF? Kid had figured out that he could just connect to the new Wi-Fi extender I installed that same day with the same Wi-Fi password. Smart kid. Naughty kid, but smart. Changed the Wi-Fi extender password to solve that problem."

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Bath Time Is Now

"My three year old wanted to take a bath the other day. But my wife told him no, it's not bath time. So He asks for juice and my wife gets him juice. When she comes back he has rubbed mud in our 1 year olds hair, just covered. So guess what, it's bath time now."

You can't really get mad at any of these stunts. What sort of clever escapades have your kids or nieces and nephews gotten into?