Selfies Are Making Us More Narcissistic, But Is That A Bad Thing?

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Turns out selfies are redefining our views on beauty and attractiveness.

A new study done by the University of Toronto found that people who take more selfies find themselves to be more attractive than they actually are.

“It's an infinite loop. The more selfies you take, the more attractive you think you are," CNET reports. "The more attractive you think you are, the more likes you get on Facebook.”

So what the study actually found was that confidence really defines beauty. The more attractive someone thinks they are, the more likes they get on social media, meaning followers are attracted to confidence rather than the physical aesthetic of a person.

There is a flipside to this, however. The more highly you think of yourself the more inflated your ego becomes. Eventually, this could affect your relationships, CNET points out, because the more inflated your sense of self, "the less likely you are to settle for someone not worthy of your attractiveness in relationships.”

With social media, we define our popularity by the amount of attention we receive via likes, comments, and follows. And all of this contributes to how we feel about ourselves. But when those likes, comments, and follows make us feel more important than those around us, we may be closing ourselves off to opportunities within our reach.

It’s healthy for anyone to know their worth, but it's another thing when self worth turns into narcissism, which can be destructive.  

But then again, it's all how you look at it. Though older generations might be the first to use this as amo for their classic “Gen-Y is lazy and narcissistic” argument, the fact that social media is allowing for each of us to be more accepting of ourselves and feel good in our own skin is quite a feat.

Self confidence can really affect an individual’s health and success. The better you feel about yourself, the more you feel you can accomplish, and the more accepted you feel. Having low self-esteem can negatively affect your health by making you tired, depressed, and isolated. In terms of your career, having low self-esteem can deter you from taking on challenges and moving upward.

So really, while you might be part of a more "narcisstistic" generation, you may actually live a longer, healthier, and more accomplished life thanks to your selfies. If social media users find themselves feeling more beautiful with the use of selfies then have at it. C’est la vie, right?

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