7 Apps Every Cannabis Lover Should Have On Their Phones

The two things most millennial marijuana lovers can’t live without is technology, and of course the good ol sticky-icky. Smartphones and mobile devices have become our new appendage that we can't survive without and the surplus of apps at our disposal make them all the more important to us. Here are seven apps that every pothead should have at his or her fingertips, provided that it's legal where you're smoking. 

My 420 Mate

One of the joys of weed is being able to share it with the person you love. is a dating app that connects 420 singles with others who partake. If you can't see yourself dating someone who isn't as passionate about the stuff as you are, you might want to download this app.

Leafly Marijuana Reviews

Leafly is like the Yelp of cannabis culture, where users can drop reviews on strains and dispensaries. Love Sour Diesel? Can’t get enough of the Girl Scout Cookie strain? The app can let you know which nearby dispensary is carrying it so you never have to settle for a subpar flavor again. Leafly also lets you search for doctors, retail cannabis stores, and delivery services in your area (where it’s legal, of course), and provides the latest marijuana news, updates, and compelling updates.

Weed Scale 4.20

Are you tired of your sack coming up short? Keeping a digital scale on you isn't convenient, plus it's considered paraphernalia in some states. Weed Scale 4.20 provides a scale directly on your smartphone. It is said to be pretty accurate if properly calibrated using the app's instructions.

Weed Firm

Manitoba Games

Weed firm is an addicting role-playing game that allows players build their own growshops. Its success has spawned several vaiations of the game that are all equally as entertaining. Cultivate a weed empire from start to finish and track your progress along the way as you embark on a marijuana growing adventure.

Weed Island

Yet another game that allows you to take on the adventure of starting your own weed firm and seeing through to its success. In this app you escape a bustling city to grow for your neighborhood and Rasta friends. Once you're tired of growing you can be the boss and watch your workforce do the growing.

Duby - The Weed Social Network

Tinder not doing it for you? Duby is a social network meant for Cannabis connoisseurs, where you can connect with other users via private messaging and photo sharing. The app combines elements of Instagram, Tinder, and Reddit, and allows you to gain popularity in your network by awarding you points for posting “dubys,” which is the app’s name for pictures. The more points you have, the more people your dubys will reach.

Grow Buddy

Growing one plant is easy, but how do you keep track of an entire warehouse filled with Cannabis? GrowBuddy is a desktop, tablet, and IOS app that efficiently lets you track everything about your plants, from age to strain, at every stage of growth. The app can calculate the amount of nutrients each plant needs, plus automate a feeding schedule. It’s the easiest way to grow.


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