4 American series that would make for good telenovelas

Telenovelas are a commitment, and like any serious commitment, you want to be certain it's worthy of your dedication. Every week day for months, almost even a year, you'll be tuning in at the same time to pick up where the episode from the night before left off. However, the tired story of the poor girl who falls in love with the rich guy just doesn't cut it anymore. The main reason I strayed from watching novelas was that I didn't see myself in them. They could use some fresh stories. While we love the dependability of the dramatics, we also get sick of the same old plots.

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For years, American television has borrowed from telenovelas. We've seen the massive success that series adapted from novelas have found with the likes of Ugly Betty, Chasing Life, and Jane the Virgin. So why not do the reverse? There's a few popular American series that we can totally imagine being transformed into telenovelas. Read on and let us know which series you would be curious to watch in novela form!

#4 Friday Night Lights

Maybe American football wouldn't capture the viewers' attention as much as another sport more prominent in Latin America, so we'd recommend switching it to soccer or baseball. Friday Night Lights was able to draw in people young and old, male or female, which would be great for a telenovela, since the rest of the family usually gets dragged into watching it anyway. 

#3 Game of Thrones

4 american series that would make for good telenovelas 3

Telenovelas could use a greater shock factor other than a cheating scandal, and Game of Thrones has that on lock with how frequently they don't mind killing off main characters. Also, there is plenty of content to pull from George RR Martin's books A Song of Ice and Fire to keep it going as long as they'd like.

#2 Empire

There is always some kind of company at the center of the story when it comes to telenovelas, which is why we're recommending this series. Empire revolves around a music label and the family that created it. The series also has an amazing line-up of guest stars, and it'd be a good opportunity to welcome some of our favorite Latin artists into that evening programming block on Spanish-language networks.

#1 Beauty and the Beast

Not that we feel like there's a lack of crime on telenovelas because there definitely isn't, but there is a lack of crime-solving. Why not have a telenovela based on solving mysterious crimes? Basing it on Beauty and the Beast would involve a mythical creature, a romance, and some police work. It sounds like the perfect combination for a successful telenovela.