Amazon Turns Company Building Into Homeless Shelter

Steve Jacobs/ iStock

Over 200 families will benefit from Amazon’s generosity, as the company will repurpose a building they have in Seattle to shelter women and their children, as well as pets too. This new initiative promises to make a difference in a city that has a large homeless population.

The powerful action taken by Amazon came about when John Schoettler, the real-estate director for the king of all online retailers, worked closely with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to help find a solution for the growing number of people who sleep on the city’s streets. They decided to work with Mary's Place, an organization whose "work keeps struggling families together and provides practical tools and resources that help women find housing and employment."

The building is nearly 35,000 feet, and will only be open at night, but families could leave their personal belongings in their rooms during the day. This temporary home will house women until the spring of 2017, at which point Amazon’s new construction will begin.

The thoughtful project points at Amazon's desire to shift the company culture. Not too long ago the online retailer was surrounded by some negative publicity after employees claimed to be working under a lot of stress.

But, hey, whether the intentions are rooted in positive publicity or a genuine interest in helping, at least they are relieving some of the homelessness in Seattle. 

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