What's The Difference Between An Instagram Model & A High-Fashion Model?


Instagram is home to many users across the world, and if we had a nickel for every girl who used it, we'd be filthy rich. Many of the girls are considered "models" by the social media world, ruled by what are called "followers." 

The advent of a new advertising and marketing technique, which recruits women with large social media followings to advertise products such as waist trainers, teeth whiteners, and protein powder mixes, has taken the consumer market by storm. The thinking behind it is this: if women with the "ideal" body, teeth, skin, etc. models a product that is meant to help the consumer achieve this, then consumers will be drawn to buying it. 

Clearly if we see a pretty girl with an hourglass shape and beautiful, radiant teeth, we'll be more inclined to buy the products she uses (or at least seems like she uses). It's actually a genius strategy. These women who advertise these products are what we call "Instagram models."

High-fashion models are your classic models that walk in fashion shows such as those for Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, and Burberry. In order to help you understand the differences between the two, I've created a chart that clearly defines the differences. Let's take a look.


Both types of models have large social followings, but for different reasons. The IG model's success is directly correlated to the following she has, where it does not matter for high-fashion models. High-fashion models get their gigs through auditions and casting calls, and IG models are typically contacted by advertisers looking for a specific "look" to help sell their product (with a large reach on social media). 

IG models tend to be more feminine and natural, whereas runway and high-fashion models can sometimes take on incredibly off-the-wall makeup risks without batting a lash—it's just the kind of world they are a part of. High-fashion sometimes incorporates androgyny and masculinity into its style and shows, whereas it's less common for IG models to do so.

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