7 Things Your iPhone Does That You Had No Idea

7 things your iphone does that you had no idea 1

No matter how many years you’ve been an iPhone user, there’s always a few tricks you didn’t know your smartphone was capable of. When you discover these, you don’t understand how you went so long without them. We don’t think you should have to go any longer without the following 7 tricks that your iPhone can do, which is we why we’re telling you exactly how to make use of them.

1. Photos In Bursts

By holding on the shutter button you normally use to snap one pic, you’ll end up taking a burst of photos which will end up in their very own gallery. Everyone in the group has to look good in at least one of those!

2. Head Tilt Action

Under accessibility, you’ll be able to set up commands for certain head tilts. It’ll help you navigate your phone when you don’t have an extra hand to.

3. Home Improvement

The compass app also has a level you can use if you’re trying to hang some stuff up. Swiping left on the compass app brings the level to the palm of your hand.

4. No More Generic Vibrations

You can be your own buzzing DJ by creating your own vibrations in the sound settings.

5. Time Your Listening Sessions

7 things your iphone does that you had no idea 2
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The timer is more functional than you would have imagined. It can also time how long you listen to music. Under When timer ends on the timer tab of the clock app you can set it to stop playing, so your music will stop when the timer runs out.

6. Go 50 Shades Of Grey

There’s nothing that’ll make you panic more than when your battery hits 20% and you can’t find a charger in sight. Save yourself from added time without a phone by turning on the grayscale in the accessibility tab under general settings. Your apps may all be gray and more unappealing to the eye, but hey, your battery will last longer.

7. Bring Those Apps Down Low

The bigger the iPhone gets, the harder it is for our thumbs to reach the apps that are all the way at the top. They thought ahead though and created simple solution. Just double tap the home button (not click it, just tap it) and your apps will slide down for optimal thumb reach.

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