What You Need To Know About Kenzo, H&M's Next Big Designer Collab


A few months ago, H&M released an amazing collab with Balmain Paris. Let's be real, though; By the time you went online, everything had already sold out. But brace yourselves, because H&M's next partnership promises more colors, more prints, and most likely less of a buzz. Welcome to the H&M collab fam, Kenzo! 

Kenzo has been around since the 70s. The brand, which is owned by LVMH, has an extensive list of collaborations which includes Disney and Vans. H&M took notice and creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon took the deal.

The line will be available on November 3rd in over 250 H&M stores around the globe, reports Vogue. But before you make plans to stand in line for hours, remember that the pieces in this collab could be just like the ones from the previous fusion with Balmain- expensive for fast fashion and nothing like the real thing.

Still, if you want to give this new line a shot, the collaboration is expected to include Kenzo's iconic sweatshirts with imprints of its emblematic tiger (we hope!). Fun fact: Kenzo's tiger is a new invention that Lim and Leon thought up to pay tribute to the brand's history. When they were looking for an emblem to symbolize the brand, they noticed that Kenzo would have prints of the animal barely hidden within belt buckles and fabrics. And so today we're left with a wild print that's all kinds of cool. 

So by November, when you pick up a Kenzo piece from H&M, not only will you be purchasing an affordable designer label, but you’ll also be delving into its history too.

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