Khloe Kardashian Continues To Embrace Curviness With New Denim Brand

Khloe Kardashian is everyone’s favorite Kardashian. No? I mean she's always saying it like it is, and is the most open about her imperfections. Many of us can really relate to how she comes across on the show and in interviews.

Well, now Koko is giving us another reason to adore her because the blonde Dash sister is releasing a line of jeans called The GA Project that will cater to real women with real figures. In true Kardashian form, Koko took some time from her Cuban vacation to let social media followers know that they too will be part of the denim brand.

Khlomoney is looking for normal curvaceous women from around the US to be her models and brand ambassadors. Khloe and her team are looking for women of every size between 5 and 6 feet. According to The GA Project website, the company is trying to break the mold of what it typically perceived as beautiful in the fashion industry.

We do not look to authoritarian fashion titles for guidance. Our content is unedited. It is about celebrating one another.

The GA Project wants to show how amazing America can truly be.

We believe in America and we believe in our community. We are all good, regardless of our shape or heritage.

I love the fact the Khloe is not only looking to embrace women with curves but is also looking to celebrate how beautifully diverse our country is.

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