You Can Rock Rhinestones Without Looking Like An 80s Bedazzled Mess

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Remember back in the early 2000s when you forced your mom to buy you that bedazzling machine and you’d go around gluing rhinestones on every single thing—your bags, belts, shoes, jeans, and maybe even little sister! Nothing was off limits.

Luckily, we’re living in a time that holds nostalgia near and dear. That being said, I have big news for my fellow bedazzlers: The trend is back and dare I say, better than ever. Interested in bringing bedazzling into your adult life, but want to do it tastefully? These are the rhinestone trends that might be for you.

Add A Little Bling To Your Devices


Get in touch with your inner Mariah Carey, and add some sparkle to your cellphone and laptop.

Do Like Dorothy & Wear Some Sparkle On Your Footwork


Your shoes can have a little sparkle without being too abrassive.

Find Alternatives To Bigger Rhinestones


Wearing sequins instead of rhinestones is a less intimidating way to rock some shine.

Always Keep It Minimalistic

Forever 21

How cute are these jeweled tops? They can be dressed up for a night out or kept casual for a coffee date. 

Make The Look Happen With Jewelry

Forever 21

No need to pull the jewelry you wore on the day of your quince. Frost yourself with these modern and minimal necklaces that still have a little sparkle.

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