Roam Makes Working Remotely More Appealing Than Ever

Advancements in technology have made working from home an increasingly popular option for employees in all lines of work. Benefits of calling your home your workplace include less stress, better work life balance, and increased productivity, all of which have been well-documented and merit the case for requesting more work from home opportunities from employers.

I like to think that combining work and home makes it feel a lot less like a job and more like a daily adventure. Working remotely allows the freedom of not being tied to one place, so why not have living arrangements that are conducive to that lifestyle?

Now there's a new service that might just fit your nomadic needs. Roam is Airbnb meets WeWork. Founder Bruno Hadid wanted to reinvent the meaning of home in the 21 century. This new "experimental community" (as the website puts it), promotes location-independent living. With Roam, you sign one lease that'll allow you to live and work from anywhere in the world.

The $500 a week subscription doesn't vary by location and covers access for two people to a private room that is furnished with either a queen or king sized bed and a private bathroom. Your sheets, towels, and other amenities are provided by Roam. You're on your own for others costs like food, classes, trips, and other activities. Considering that the median rent in Miami (one of Roam's available cities) is $1,800 a month for a one bedroom, the subscription is rather aligned with the current rates while also providing week to week flexibility.

One of the biggest attractions to Roam is the communal style of living and the spaces they provide to maximize that ideal. Residents enjoy unlimited access to shared co-working spaces, a kitchen, and laundry facilities. Most locations have extras like pools, media rooms, and event spaces. These spaces are often used for community functions that range from pop-up dinners prepared by up-and-coming chefs to super fast Pecha Kucha presentations.

Though it isn't difficult to book a stay at any of Roam's locations, it is first come first serve, and it is requested that you book at least a month in advance. There is no required amount of time that a resident has to live at a specific location, but longer stays are encouraged to promote a better since of communty and connection.

Once you've had enough of one geographical location, move on to another Roam house for a completely new experience. Roam currently has locations in Bali and Miami, and a place in Madrid opening June 1, 2016. Buenos Aries and London are also launching soon, opening up roamers' adventures to more options.


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