How To Ghost Without Actually Ghosting


Breaking up is hard to do, even when you're not the one on the receiving end of heartbreak. This increasingly popular tactic of ghosting, in which all communication is abruptly stopped without warning is wreaking havoc on the dating world. Being ghosted sucks, but the hurt only lasts briefly.

If you're willing to ghost, chances are that you haven't established a deep emotional connection with that person at that point, so ending things really shouldn't be difficult enough to force you into hiding. When it's all said and done, the person that you are cutting loose might not like your decision to break things off, but at least they will respect you for caring enough not to ghost on them. Before you choose to just disappear, try a different approach.

No Sex

Refusing to cross that line without a personal reason, like the practice of abstinence, shows a lack of intimate interest in that person. There is good chance that not having sex with someone will cause that person to either view you as just a friend or stop communication with you because friendship isn't the type of relationship that person wants from you. Either way it's a win for you.

Friend Zone

Try communicating solely as friends. It is okay to maintain an open line of communication as long as both people understand and respect friendship boundaries. Always cosider that the connections you develop on any level have the potential to become a mutual asset. That person could one day be responsible for helping you land a job or vice versa. This also means no sex. Unless both of you are the type of people that knows how to control your emotions and be just a genuine friend with benefits, cut off all romantic involvement.

Be Less Desirable

Taking a chance on ruining your stellar dating reputation sounds like social suicide, but it’s not. Fully commit to being everything that person doesn’t want in a mate. That person just might ghost on you.

It's Not You, It's Me

This is a go-to breakup statement, but it actually works. The trick is to be genuine. Technically you are the reason it is over, so focus on how moving forward with the relationship romantically doesn't align with your current life plan.

Just Be Honest

Being honest with someone about your feelings toward them should be the plan even before all else fails. You’d be surprised at how much it actually works. Most people cringe at the thought of looking like a fool while pursuing someone that isn't interested. Being politely notified that your romantic affection is no longer wanted stings a little, but is easily respected. Just be honest, and you might be surprised at how quickly that person ghosts you instead.


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