The U.K. Is Welcoming Gender-Neutral School Uniforms


Europe is back at it again with the progressive liberal agenda, but this time it involves school uniforms. Following in Zara’s androgynous footsteps, the U.K. is trying to introduce gender-neutral uniforms to help make the lives of those in the LGBT community easier.

According to NYLON, “The U.K.’s Department of Education Educate & Celebrate program helps promote more inclusive schooling environments.” In Birmingham, a major city in the West Midlands region of England, a school received money from the Educate & Celebrate program in order to push for students’ rights to wear what they want. The school said it wants “to promote each child’s right to express their gender and personality in whichever way feels right for them.”

According to Complex, “around 80 state institutions [across the UK]  have rewritten or removed their uniform dress codes and are allowing students to choose what they wear to school every day as part of Educate & Celebrate, a program backed by the Department for Education.”

The “genderless” uniforms are part of a movement toward a “genderless” curriculum as well. In schools across the UK, gendered terminology found in policy statements have also been removed.

And the movement to rid gender from the school system isn’t only happening in the UK. In Oregon right here in our own nation, the state deemed non-binary as a legal gender. Are we finally moving towards a society where there is more gender fluidity and less of a gender binary?

Considering the Orlando attacks that happened Saturday in Orlando, Florida, the conversation about gender and sexuality in society is at an all-time peak, and the dialogue needs to happen. There is reason we should be living in a world where gender has to be tied to everything we do. Historically, women are expected to wear skirts and men are expected to wear pants. The U.K.’s new uniform law allows for both girls and boys to wear whatever part of the uniform they like. It can be a skirt with a blouse and tie, or pants, and either gender can wear any combination.

It’s an incredible movement forward. No student should be made to feel they have to dress a certain way while they are at school. As long as children and young adults are still wearing the uniforms to some degree, the elements they choose should not have to be bound to their gender.

Though they’re just uniforms, this signals a movement towards genderless schools. No gender binary in policy statements, no gender binary when it comes to uniforms. Schools are trying to be more inclusive with the trans community in terms of bathroom assignments. We must keep moving forward.


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