Kim Kardashian West Is The Good Wife

Like Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife, Kim Kardashian West has had to put up with a few humiliating situations involving her husband. Unlike Florrick, Kardashian hasn’t had to deal with any cheating scandals—that we know of—but she has had to deal with Taylor Swift and others who haven’t had favorable comments about her husband.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has shown us many of Kimberly’s relationships. From the most fickle to the ones that seem to last an eternity. Say what you want about Kim, but when it comes to relationships, the girl goes all in and always supports her partner…almost to a fault.

When she was with Reggie Bush, she became a hardcore football fan traveling to New Orleans to try and make it to every game Bush was going to play in. When Kim was with Kris Humphries, she not only became obsessed with basketball, she also developed a very fun loving/pranking personality.

When Kim dated, and ultimately married, Kanye West she became obsessed with high fashion and started acting very somber and stone-faced toward the public. She’s also become his number one supporter and defender. That became real apparent on a recent episode of KUWTK. When Kim was in Iceland for Kanye’s video, she became really upset when she missed his shooting on top of a glacier.

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Talk about first world problems. She felt guilty and made sure to make it up to him by spending a whole evening with him at the studio, ditching her sister who was on the trip for her birthday. And it didn’t stop there. When they arrived in California, Kim got upset after backlash from Taylor Swift and her camp about Ye’s song Famous.

It seemed like Kim was on the phone with she and Kanye’s publicist the entire episode, furiously trying to protect her husband, making sure he laid off Twitter and that he knew what rumors were swirling around media outlets. Though Kanye seemed completely unphased by the entire ordeal, Kim wouldn’t stand for it even looking to her mom for advice. Soon after the episode ended we saw that Kim really didn’t take her mom’s advice, resorting to Snapchat as an outlet for the dirt she had on Swift.

Kim exposing Taylor was this year's Watergate, but aside from the scandalous aspect, you can’t ignore that Kim is an extremely supportive wife and isn’t just Kanye’s mannequin. He picks fly outfits for her, but she defends him tooth and nail, sounds like the perfect relationship to me.


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