Forgiveness Makes Us Whole: 10 Great 'I'm Sorry' Songs

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Everyone has made their fair share of mistakes in life. Long gone are the days of an eye for an eye. People seem to be more accepting and forgiving than they have ever been. This is a society of second chances. Being forgiven feels good, but letting things go feels even better. Holding grudges takes more energy than allowing yourself to move forward. When you just can’t come up with the right words to express your deep remorse, here are some songs that say it all. Finding forgiveness is just the beginning of the process. The road to redemption is long and rocky.

Ruben Studdard - Sorry 2004

How bad does a person have to mess up to apologize for the entire year all in one song?

Player - Baby Come Back

This song has been the theme music for anyone that has ever messed up a relationship. I can envision myself staring blankly out of the window every time I hear this song. 

Lenny Williams - Cause I Love You

This variation of begging, singing, and crying makes Cause I Love You one of the most authentic songs that say I'm sorry that I've ever heard. 

John Lennon - Jealous Guy

He didn't mean to hurt you. He's just a jealous guy.

Nirvana - All Apologies

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, but apologize and accept responsibilty for what you've done.

Tank - I Deserve

You know you've messed up when you want the person that you've hurt to return the hurt.  

Chicago - Hard To Say I’m Sorry

Saying I'm sorry is hard for anyone.

Justin Bieber - Sorry

Biebs came through with a classic song that's a lot deeper lyrically than I anticipated it to be. He kept it fresh while still getting the point of being sorry across. 

Prince - Purple Rain

If the words don't say I'm sorry to you, the guitar riffs do.

Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind

This song will make you run down the entire list of things you've done wrong in every relationship you've ever had.


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