How To Get Her To Say I Do Without Breaking The Bank


This is the second most memorable moment in your relationship. The first most memorable moment will always be when the two of you say I do, but they go hand in hand so pay attention. Popping the question isn't going to be cheap, but it doesn't have to bankrupt you either.

I hope you're not looking for a step by step guide of ways to get your lady to meet you at the alter. I'm just here to give you a few alternative ideas. It’s totally up to you to know your lover well enough to incorporate the things that she loves the most in order to create the perfect journey to the alter.

Don't Just Be A Holiday Hero


Be the man year-round. Sometimes people tend to forget that doing small meaningful things in a relationship often means the most. Gifting without reason is the ultimate way to make someone feel special and appreciated. It’s also a major turn on.

The Ring


If you're not made of money, like most people, you could appreciate this statistic. The average wedding ring costs is $6,113 which should more than satisfy your partner. If your funds are a little tight that's alright. Budget it out. Any man that plans on eventually getting married should have a engagement ring stash. I've been stashing away a few bucks annually just for that purpose. Eventually I’ll pull the proposal trigger on the right woman, but if not, I always have something extra for lonely, rainy days.

You want everything to be perfect because she’s perfect for you, but after you've shelled out most of your money on an engagement ring, it almost makes your wallet cry just from thinking about how much more money you're going to spend just to present her with it.

A Overnight Travel Retreat


Take your partner on a surprise trip to the nearest travel destination that has something special to offer. That might sound a little confusing, but pretty much every place in the world has something new or exciting to offer. For example, the closest city to the itty bitty town where I’m from is Orlando. The things that you do while visiting don't need to be more expensive than a normal outing for the two of you. These moments are all about setting the mood and creating unfamiliar experiences. Traveling will make both of you feel good inside.

Prepare A Poem For The Moment You Pop The Question

Aleksandr Kalugin/iStock

Write or type it out on nice paper because she may want to frame it. You might think it’s cheesy, but she’ll fall in love all over again. I don't think anyone doesn't like poetry when it comes from the heart, and especially if it's about them. Don't overthink the poem, just say how you feel. This also gives her a souvenir aside from the ring to remember the moment forever.

Share The Moment


Organize a small gathering of her closest friends and family. You want to tell her about the gathering so it doesn't raise her suspicion. When the evening is winding down it's time for you to pop the question.


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