Looks Don’t Last Forever But These 5 Attributes To Build A Till Death Do Us Part Relationship Do


Every single person has their own particular list of qualities that they look for in a soulmate. Often times we count the wrong things as deal breakers in relationships. The thing is that no matter how closely a person sticks to that list a compromise will have to happen somewhere down the line in one way or another.

Don’t get me wrong looks are very important, but not as much as society makes them out to be. If it all lines up you definitely hit a homerun, and I’m happy for you, but let's be real. No one is perfect. However, he or she can be perfect for you. Just make sure that your love begins with the foundation of these five attributes.

1. Respect


Look for someone that not only respects the things that they care about, but the entire world around them. A person that respects the world around them will have no problem respecting everything about the person they love.

2. Loyalty (Team Us)


I look at loyalty to your lover as being loyal to yourself because you are considered to be one. Especially in terms of marriage. Loyalty is hard to find so it is invaluable. For no reason whatsoever should you ever compromise loyalty for anything. When a person is loyal to you think of it as that person is making a sacrifice for you. Respect and loyalty alone are key aspects to every type of relationship you will have in your lifetime, and can take you further than you can imagine.

3. Laughter


Everyday in life won't be filled with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. If you're going to spend the rest of your life with someone, they better have a sense of humor to help get you through the rough days.

4. A Provider

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You don't want someone that's looking for a free handout. A provider is someone that gives in every area of life, not just financially. Seek out a person that is as freely giving to you as they would be to themselves.

5. Acceptance


Once you've identified the other four aspects, you're going to need this. Embracing each other's differences can be tough, but it makes you stronger as a couple. Just like you would expect someone to accept you, flaws and all, you should do the same for the person that you love. So long as that person is making a valiant effort to become a better person everyday. People that grow and develop together have a better chance of having a healthy, successful relationship.


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