5 Signs You Might Be In A Toxic Friendship


A "toxic friendship" is a term used to describe a relationship between two people that becomes emotionally draining to (most likely) one individual in the relationship. There are many signs to look out for in order to spot a toxic friendship and know when to leave it. Staying in toxic friendships can really begin to affect your happiness and overall well-being. 

1. She always needs you, but is never there in return.

This is a really big sign that the relationship is not beneficial to you. While it's normal for others to need us, and a good friend does support and listen to their friend, it needs to go both ways.

When it gets to the point where it feels emotionally draining to have to always listen to her and she is refusing to listen to you in return, it might be time for a "break-up." Mutual respect and support is a must in healthy friendships.

2. She never seems to be happy for you and she tries to break you down.

Again, a really big sign that your friend is not genuine and that you should leave the friendship. Though there is a big social stigma with putting friendships to rest, sometimes it is necessary, and you cannot let the other individual make you feel guilty for doing something that ultimately helps you.

If you feel as though your friend is never really happy for you and your accomplishments, that's a big issue. It's even worse if she tries to break you down or undermine your accomplishments. Real friends don't do that to each other.

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3. You feel emotionally exhausted.

There is such thing as our emotions manifesting into physical symptoms. If you begin to feel anxious around her, and feel drained when she's not around (or when you are around her, for that matter), this could be a big sign that you are in a toxic and unfulfilling friendship. You should feel good being surrounded by your friends, and feel as though they are sincerely there for you. 

Once you begin to feel otherwise, it might be time to leave her behind. According to Dr. Irene S. Levine, psychologist and author of Best Friends Forever, "If you begin to suffer headaches or stomach cramps after getting together or in anticipation of seeing your friend, the relationship is doing more harm than good."

4. She does not care to keep in contact.

You don't have to text your friend all day long, but when there is something you need to talk to her about, or just want to talk to someone about, they should be there. Sometimes it is even nice to just reach out and see how each other are doing.

If they do not really care to keep in contact and either don't text or call at all, or ignore your attempts to contact them, they are most likely not your real friend.

5. She pressures you into doing things you don't feel comfortable doing.

This one is a really sh*tty sign, but it is one you really have to pay attention to. A telltale sign of a toxic friendship is when one of the individuals pressures the other into doing something they know they otherwise wouldn't do. This can range from drugs to cheating to many other things.

When you feel controlled or pressured by your friend, it is definitely time to leave the friendship behind.

Keeping your eyes out for signs of a toxic friendship is important because there are many health benefits of being in happy, healthy friendships. These benefits include increasing your sense of belonging and purpose and boosting your happiness and reducing your stress. 

Wasting your time in unfulfilling friendships only hurts your emotional and physical well-being and takes away from the time you can be spending with those that will make you feel radiant.

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