How To Ace A First Date If You Know You Want A Second One


The truly hard part is over because you're already going on the date, so it's no question that the person accompanying you is willing to give you a shot. Advantage - you. Unless it's a blind date, in which case, please ignore paragraph one and move on to paragraph two. 

You'd think common sense would warn everyone about the do's and don'ts of a first date, but it doesn't. After all, first date etiquette isn't something that people are born with, and some things don't always come natural. Luckily you got someone like me to throw a few tips your way to set you on the right path. It's a lot simpler than you think. Abide by these guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to date number two.

Appreciate That Person’s Time

He or she didn't have to allow you to take them or didn't have to invite you out on a date. Consider it an honor.

Be A Gentleman/Lady

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Chivalry is not dead. If you don't have manners, give them a try. It won't hurt. As for being a lady, allow your date to treat you as such.

No Pressure

Go in expecting only an entertaining time with good conversation from a nice person. Be open-minded and set aside your standards in order to get to know the individual.

Stay In Your Lane


Being yourself pertains to you personality wise and financially. If you're not a big shot don't pretend to be. You're setting a standard of expectation, so avoid five star dining if your bank account only has one star duckets in it.

Dress Code On Fleek

Dress for the occasion and take pride in your appearance. If nothing else make sure your attire is neat and clean.

Don't Monopolize The Convo


Help facilitate the conversation and let the subjects flow freely. Quiet moments aren't necessarily a bad sign. You're there to listen, actually listen. You could learn something valuable. Don't get too personal. It's a date, not a visit with your shrink.

Subtle Touching Is A Good Thing

It says, I'm here to be more than a friend. Don't be pervie. Touch the not so private areas like the lower back or shoulders.

Hold Your Liquor


Going for drinks can be a way to loosen the mood, but don't get wasted unless you're getting wasted together. Your date might just end perfectly. Or could lead to disaster. Who knows! So be mindful of how many drinks you're throwing back. Plus, you want your date to remember the occasion too.


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