Online Dating: Where Do I Begin?

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In about 10 more years it will make me feel ancient to say that I was around when internet dating sites first began to boom. At the same time I feel lucky to have experienced the era. I have some extremely fond memories of my time dabbling around in the online dating scene. I’m smiling from ear to ear reminiscing about it. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some pretty awesome people on social media. I’ve also ran into my share of crazies, but overall some great experiences. Many of which I remained friends with for years.

Can you believe that if you wanted to meet new people you actually had to go through the trouble of going places where other people physically hang out. Dating apps completely changed the relationship game for better and for worse. Dating websites make it seem as if finding love online is simpler than traditional methods.


Once you try it out, you realize that it is just as hard to find love online as it is in real life. Online dating has its own obstacles that can pose just as many problems as traditional dating. The only really bad part about dating websites is the amount of online games people play with the emotions of others. Besides catfish, the rest of the issues are simply annoyances that happen just as often offline.

Many of the same traditional dating rules still apply when you chose to meet someone in cyberspace. Here are three things that I learned to help kickstart the journey to finding something real online.


You got options, but know what you want.

Creating an online dating profile is like having unlimited access to a smorgasbord of your favorite foods. It is possible to have too many choices when it comes to dating online. If you were actually walking down the street instead of finger strolling through profiles you’d need a chiropractor to straighten out your spine after all that rubbernecking. Focus on finding what you look for in a potential mate.

Be honest about your intentions.

In my heyday, I would copy and paste the same message to every person that I had an interest in on dating sites. The message pretty much poetically spewed BS about how I wanted to get to know you and other untruths when my real intent was quite the contrary. Shame on me; I know. Surprisingly it worked more often than not. It eventually caught up with me after I shared the copy with my best friend and we sent the same identical message to the same person. I still didn't stop using it, but I learned that nine times out of ten you’ll find someone that's seeking the same exact things that you are minus the BS. Don’t feed people what you think they want to hear just to get what you want because you might not have to for both of you to still come out winning.

Take it as seriously as a face-to-face encounter.

A lot of people view online dating sites as a playground where they can fulfill fantasies, meet quick hookups, and have fun. That’s all well and fine, but keep in mind that some people are actually looking for love.


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