This Collection of Quotes From Famous Artists Is The Best Advice You'll Get In 2016

Adrianna Calvo via Pexels

2016 has officially begun and in order to keep it going on a high note, I have put together a collection of really wonderful and inspiring quotes from famous artists. Remember the advice that each of these artists give in order to make 2016 a year of love, laughter, personal growth, creativity, and inspiration. It's easy to fall victim to negative thoughts or giving up on our dreams too quickly. Remain positive when life hands you obstacles with the help of these wise words.


Van Gogh's words encourage each person to go after whatever it is you want with all of your heart. Pour your soul into every venture you take this year, whether it be a new business project, a personal project such as an art piece, a relationship, or anything else you really want to see materialize and enjoy along the way. Always be open to new experiences and try your hardest. Good things come to those who really go and seek it, and make it happen.


Don't keep waiting for things to just happen. This year, take initiative of whatever it is you want. Do you want a new job? Go out and look for one and really sell yourself out there in the job market. Are you looking to pick up an old hobby? Make a move to a new state or country? Travel? Whatever it is, go after it. In terms of personal development, if there is something you have wanted to change about yourself, such as losing weight or taking better care of your health, it's possible! Just put your mind to it and make it happen.


With whatever it is you seek, one must know that it takes an insane amount of courage and patience to go after dreams. Do not be afraid of the adventure of making your dreams come true. People will try and break you down, but you cannot let them. Above all, we can be our own worst enemy and must learn how to empower and support ourselves on our individual journeys.


Remember that life is not all about working, or money, or other things society deems "meaningful." We must live life in order to experience, to live, to love, to laugh, and to enjoy our time here on this Earth as much as we can. When looking at the year ahead, think of what you would like to achieve, yes, but also consider all the wonderful experiences you would like to have that will contribute to personal growth and happiness.


Always do everything with passion, and do it with your heart put into it. When thinking about a major for college, or a job, or anything that you would invest a lot of time into and that could potentially change your life, always think about what will make you happy. Do not live for others or what others want, because in the end you are the one who has to live your life. This year, do what you love and what you feel in your heart is the right choice, instead of forcing yourself to do something that will make you unhappy.

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