Welcome To Friend Zone 101: Let's Talk Basics

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When building any type of substantial relationship everything has to line up like up naturally like a solar eclipse. Navigating your way out of the friend zone can be a tedious journey. If you've thought about it, chances are that person has too, and that could be the reason you've been placed in the friend zone to begin with. I only recommend digging into the friend zone when you are serious about a real monogamous relationship.

The friend zone is reserved for people that we have an excuse not to allow that friendship to creep outside of that restricted area. There are numerous reasons that people get placed in our friend zones. Many of them have absolutely nothing to do with that individual as a person. It depends heavily on personal variants that create receptiveness, factoring in what stage of life you are in at the time that person enters your life. As adults it's impossible for the opposite sex to be strictly platonic friends without some binary factors.

A Childhood Friend

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A childhood friend is always fair game if you're physically attracted to that person. The biggest setback is that it can be hard to see them as more than someone you grew up with. If there is a magical moment in time when your relationship does cross the the line, it takes the relationship seriously beyond the bedroom. If things don't work out, your friendship can be destroyed.   

The Coworker

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Coworkers typically come with the automatic off limits stamp, but is almost always ignored. Coworkers likely have the easiest time making the transition out of the friend zone because the average person spends so much time at work and interacting with their coworkers. Keeping the office clean can be difficult, especially when there is a mutual physical attraction. It also can be the trickiest scenario because it can be a huge risk. An awkward split could make being at work an uncomfortable situation.   

A Friend's Significant Other

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This is a no brainer for a loyal friend. There is no zone other than the friend zone in this senario. 

The Unattractive Attraction

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That doesn't indicate that these people are not good looking. They are simply the people that don't necessarily meet your preference of physical attraction for whatever reason. If you have been placed in the friend zone for this reason a lot of persistence can go a long way in this situation. The main thing that you want to do is highlight your other valuable attributes to get your friends attention. Often times these relationships work out in the end.

The only way to beat the odds is to not act like a friend. This part sounds as if it should come natural, but it doesn't. If you really want to find your way out of the friend zone, find the right balance of thirst to let that person know that you're interested in being more than just friends. If that doesn't work and you find yourself completely stuck in the friend zone, don't be discouraged. There is still hope to enhance your friendship and find your way in because friendship is a solid foundation for a relationship. It all starts by respecting your friend's wishes to remain just friends. Sometimes the friend zone is exactly the place that you need to be.


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