Don’t Whine About It! Here Are 5 Ways To Make Your Cheap Wine More Enjoyable!

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We can all agree that there is something SO gratifying about a bottle of wine that is $30 or more. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re making enough money to enjoy a wine that expensive, or maybe it’s actually the taste, no one really knows for sure. What I do know is this, any wine drinker will admit to visiting the wine aisle at their local Walmart or Walgreens and picking up a bottle of the finest $5 wine they have in stock, or even resorting to the pricier $9 boxed option. For the most part, these wines taste perfectly fine, but sometimes they lack a little body.

Ever wonder how you can spruce up inexpensive wine and make it taste like it is a bottle straight out of Napa Valley? I got you covered on how you can make cheap wine taste delicious!

Aerate It

If you’ve ever been at a wino's house and have seen them crack open a bottle of their favorite wine, you might notice they have a little nozzle on the bottle as they pour out the wine. Well, that little nozzle is called an aerator and it is used to help refresh the wine. There are tons of options out there, from very cheap and simple ones to techier and pricier ones. The aerator oxidizes and evaporates certain compounds found in the wine, after being cooped up in the bottle for however long, and leaves you with delicious and aromatic flavors.

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Blend It

Essentially, blending your wine will do the same thing as aerating it will do. It’ll help your wine breathe and leave you with more desirable flavors.

Put A Pineapple In It

This trick works best with lighter bodied wines. It gives the wine a fresher, more tropical flavor.

Add A Little Fizz To It

Try adding some sparkling water, ginger ale, or lemon-lime soda to any light wine to really pick up the wine's natural flavor. For a fuller bodied red wine, try adding some Coke, it sounds wild, but it makes a great combo.

Sangria It

If all else fails, just make your 5 buck wine into a sangria. Cut up some of your favorite fruits, add some orange juice, and even a splash of your favorite liqueur for an extra kick, and enjoy your sangria over ice!

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