I’d like to dress like her: Lilly Ghalichi

id like to dress like her lily ghalichi
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Social media sensation Lilly Ghalichi is one dazzling doll. The beautiful lawyer doesn’t quite practice what she learned in school, instead ―she flaunts gorgeous looks on her Instagram account.

Over 1 million followers get an opportunity to see exquisite gowns and hair styles which are always so inspirational. Lily, who is also a business woman, loves to motivate other women to feel and look their best. If you’re thinking about a closet makeover, this post could spark great ideas.

Together, let’s celebrate the style of a woman who clearly knows how to dress.

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11. Hey beautiful! 

Talk about leg power, huh?! Millions of women on Instagram have fallen in love with this specific style. It's a risky, yet very elegant way to show that you love dressing up.

10. So pretty

Here's another great example of a style that doesn't seem to end. The best part about dresses such as the one above, is that it could be worn by women of all sizes ―being that it's super loose.

9. Turtle necks

Ladies, don't be afraid to show off your curves! A little black dress should be a must have in any closet.

8. More relaxed

What an unbelievable way to sport a belt! No dress or jumpsuit is ever complete without one. Don't you think the same?

7. Tan lines and shimmer

White could never go out of style and the same applies to black. Mix and match both colors to achieve a stylish, yet classic look.

6. These boots were made for walking

Skirts, boots and a beautiful designer purse! So inspirational right?

5. An almost plain t-shirt

Always remember that it's not what a girl wears that makes her shine, but instead how she wears it. Notice how in a simple t-shirt Lilly looks absolutely gorgeous!

4. Cropped

Almost covered up completely, but leaving a bit to the imagination. Certainly a very prominent fashion statement!

3. Born to shine

Nude and subtle colors could spark your overall style! 

2. Paradise

What a beautiful dress!? Lace combined with black looks amazing!

1. Sparkles

Shine bright and sparkle all throughout the night with such a beautiful piece.

Dressing up is an excellent way to feel even prettier in your own skin. Consider that hair, makeup and the entire "doll up" process takes time, but as long as you follow a routine things could be done a lot quicker.

What style did you love most? Share your comments with us.

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