7 Small Changes That’ll Make You A More Organized Person

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With work, school, stress, and every other situation that makes us feel tired, it is perfectly normal to not be in the mood to clean or organize. However, a clean home with everything in its place, has a better vibe than one that doesn’t. This is why I am going to share with you 7 changes that’ll help you be more productive, so get ready to switch up those habits!

7. Put Everything Away When You Get Home

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As a result of feeling tired, we tend to toss things to one side, but this only adds to our future cleaning time because piles start building up. When you take off your clothes and shoes, make sure to put them back where they belong. Have a place for the keys, purse, or any other bag that you have taken with you. In no time, you’ll notice that you won’t have to do a massive cleaning, but rather touch ups to make everything sparkle!

6. Color Coordinate

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Incorporate this habit into your daily routine and notice how you’ll know where your things are way quicker then you usually do!

5. Have A Home For Everything

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Sometimes we leave our laptops sitting around the house, but items like this could break easily. Therefore, make sure to have a home for electronics, clothing, cleaning products, and all other goods in your household.

4. Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes Overnight

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Not doing dishes is a slippery slope into letting the rest of the kitchen, and house, get dirtier. While you continue being lazy, your home will increasingly smell foul.

3. Create A Schedule To Clean

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If there is a certain day of the week that you have less things to do than usual, don’t hesitate to clean! Remember that your home is also the place where you rest, and having a clean environment will allow for you to be more productive.

2. Don’t Mix Papers With Wires Or Clothing

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Drawers that are used for clothing shouldn’t have any wires or cables in them. Many of the wires could break as a result of them getting tangled with the clothing. In a small bag, place all of your wires and store them properly.

1. Get Rid Of What You Don’t Use Or Need

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Keeping clothing that you think would be useful in the future could actually take up a lot of space. Toss out whatever you don’t use, and notice how more space becomes available. Chances are if you haven't worn it in the last three months, you won't wear it ever.

Being more organized was never as easy! With these useful tips any home could be more clean and organized!

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