13 Ways to Transform Old Belongings Into Miniature Gardens

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Gardening in your backyard is a summer must-do. But with all of the inventive ideas out there, there are so many creative ways to breathe more life into your patio or even inside your home.

Recycling shouldn't be limited to separating garbage into different bins. Sometimes it means finding a second use for the old stuff you have piled up in your garage. Put some of these common household goods to work by creating vibrant little gardens that'll serve as decor in all different parts of your home. What's even better is it's affordable and a fun weekend DIY project.

1. Don’t throw your rain boots away when they can be perfect vases for some flowers.

2. Old tires are good for more than just outdoor tree swings.

3. Gather all your cans and use them as flower pots.

4. Use those old bird cages to display your favorite flowers.

5. If your tea cup cracks, place soil and a tiny succulent plant in it.

6. Make your neighbors jealous by using a wheelbarrow with naturally grown flowers as decoration on your front lawn.

7. Keep that old drawer!

8. If you don’t know what to do with that old phone in your basement, grow flowers in it!

9. Keep wine corks around, they are a great way to grow small plants.

10. Who knew that books also made great flower pots?

11. Bring some color into your garden with watering cans filled with flowers!

12. Put old wooden crates to good use with this vintage inspired flower pot.

13. Help the environment by reusing glass cups around your house.

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