Get An Anthropologie-Inspired Space For Less With These DIY Tips

Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

Anthropologie is the home of anyone’s boho-chic dreams, and you can feel the relaxed and free-spirited feel of the brand as soon as you enter a store.

If you’re looking to recreate that bohemian feel in your home, I’m here to tell you how you can without burning through your paycheck.

Glass + Wood Elements

Kris Atomic via Unsplash

Mixing textures is a great way to recreate the “Anthropologie” feel. Instead of using bright colors, mix together different elements such as glass and wood. It'll create a very unique and eclectic feel to your space, plus the incorporation of natural elements is key to the boho-chic style.

Try placing a wooden table near where you have windows, and perhaps not covering the windows with curtains. The industrial, more “raw” look of wood and glass will make for an interesting environment to spend your days.

Paintings + Wood + Antiques

Kamil Kisiela via tookapic

Purchase a wood table that has a more “distressed” look to it than one that is more polished (though you can opt for the polished if you’d rather have that kind of look). Hanging paintings, especially ones made with rich colors such as the one pictured above, will really help create a pop of color in your space, and give off a certain “mood.”

If you’re going for a bohemian feel, opt for paintings of natural spaces—forests, trees, the moon, or something dreamy and eclectic, like dreamcatchers or feathers.

Antiques are also a beautiful addition, such as the antique clock hanging in the photo above, because they are unique in their own right and give off a very “thrifty,” and “vintage” feel to space—perfect for any boho-chic spot.

Rope + Metal + Wood


Tired of boring closet spaces? This interesting idea for a closet is a great one—opt for hanging metal poles to serve as the clothes rack, and then suspend the poles from metals hooks and rope. The mix of textures seems almost nautical, creating a very adventurous and creative vibe. Hang your clothes with metal hangers, and voila, you have a minimal and chic place to keep your clothes (plus it looks like your very own clothing store display!).

Old Prints

Antoine Beauvillain via tookapic

If you don’t have the patience or time to look through stores for artwork to hang, or just want to try something else, try visiting local thrift stores and collecting old books. It can be anything from old cookbooks to old diaries and photo albums.

Tear or cut out the pages of these and frame them for your room. An example could be cutting out old books on herbs or plants, and hanging them in the kitchen or living room. Another example could be a vintage collection of nursery rhymes that you can hang and put in your baby’s room.

Green + Natural Elements


Nothing says natural more than, well, nature. Incorporate more natural elements into your space—whether it be succulents, houseplants, or dried herbs. You can build an herb-drying rack which can hang and incorporate both wooden and green elements, or you can opt for pressing flowers and framing them for your walls.

The more plants, herbs, and flowers you can invite into your home, the more of a bohemian spirit you will bring into it.

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