4 DIY Cheap & Natural Air Freshener Alternatives That Will Conquer Any Stench

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Your room (or dorm, apartment, entire house) stinks and there's no sugar-coating it. You're tired of having to buy those pop-up Renuzit things every three days and that air freshener spray you bought smells like cheap perfume. So what is one to do? Pull out your handbook of trusty, natural (and cheap, as an added bonus) alternatives that you can make yourself. Believe me, the following DIY fresheners will make sure your room smells amazing and free of pesky lingering scents.

1. DIY Reed Diffuser

This is best for smaller rooms such as a bathroom or small bedroom, as it has a subtler effect, however, aesthetically it is very minimal and pretty enough to put in any room. It can sit on the corner of your bathroom sink, or on your dresser, nightstand, or armoire in a bedroom. In order to make a DIY reed diffuser, you will need a glass or ceramic container, essential oils, sweet almond oil, and some reeds or bamboo skewers. You want to try your best to make a 70/30 mixture of sweet almond oil to essential oils. Pour your oil into your container, and add a few drops of essential oils. Place the reeds in the container and have them fan out and soak up the oil. After a little while flip the reeds over and put the opposite ends in the oil solutions. Voila! DIY reed diffuser.

2. Essential Oil Vapor

This one is super easy and I have tried it time and time again. Just take a small oil burner (you can find these at the dollar store or other little local home decor spots) and fill the little bowl with water. Place a small amount of essential oil into the water and light a tea candle underneath to get it to heat up. The heat from the candle will make the water turn to steam and give off the amazing scent. A good mix is eucalyptus and lavender, or clove and sweet orange oil.

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3. Lemon-Rosemary Simmer Pot

This is great for making the house smell fresh before having guests arrive for a gathering, and also great to just spruce up the smell in the kitchen. All you need for this is to fill a small stockpot with water, sliced lemon, fresh rosemary, and 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla. Heat and let the mix simmer all day long.

4. Essential Oil Room Spray

This is the secret weapon for a room that smells fresh all day/night/week/year long and what keeps fabrics and sheets smelling like they are fresh out of the wash. My favorite part about getting to make my own air fresheners is that I get to choose what scents I come up with. For this you will need a spray bottle, a tablespoon of vodka (this is essential to the blend as oil and water will not mix without it), filtered water, and essential oils. Just fill the bottle with water and the vodka and then blend your essential oils together. BAM, homemade heaven.

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