7 DIY videos to decorate your home for less!

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If you love to be creative, these next videos are going to be very helpful. DIY projects are always a great excuse to spend time with your loved ones. Save money and become the “Picasso” of your own space by bringing your imagination to life.

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7. Light up!

Chandeliers could brighten up any room while making it look even fancier. On this video you’ll not only learn how to achieve this, but also about accent pillows and the power they have to change any room. Consider that all DIY take time and so, with patience and a lot of creativity you could transform any area within your home.

6. What a beautiful kitchen

Decorating a kitchen shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes, most decorations are sold for outrageous amounts of money. Leave more cash in your pockets by visiting a dollar store where most goods are very affordable and chic.

5. Florals

Fake flowers are certainly an excellent beautiful statement that embellishes any home. Don’t be shy to experiment with your favorite flowers. For instance, I love roses and so ―I incorporate as many colors as I can until what I have envisioned becomes a reality.

4. Just like on the blog

Several online pictures inspired on home décor could spark any person’s creativity. What’s more interesting is how most of what you see (e.g., a flower base) is made using common products. For instance, recycling is always a good thing to do and what better way than by painting old glass bottles.

Don’t you just love this trick?

3. So green

Bringing more green into your home is always refreshing. Use old wine bottles and paint them over, then put a simple flower inside. Not only will your room look more alive, but it could smell even better.

2. Paint away

Furniture could become boring overtime. Instead of investing on new furniture, paint it! Save money while changing the look inside any room in your home.

1. Doll up a vanity

What girl doesn’t love a stylish, yet unique vanity. Using an old picture frame, create your very own tray to place makeup, jewelry or perfumes. The best part is that you could be as creative as you’d like.

If you’re trying to give your house a different theme, then these videos will definitely allow for you to do so. At iMujer, we are always trying to find ways to empower you. On your next home makeover, make sure to tag us on social media.

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