Top 5 scariest volcanoes in the world

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On the surface it can be quiet but under the mantle, in its inner core, that’s where our planet shows us its true power. Mother earth liquefies stone in its womb and sometimes shoots it out like it was the end of a 9 month term. They are the valves of the planet.

We learned in history class how ancient settlements rested on the skirt of these natural giants, either out of ignorance, or the beliefs that these mountains expressed divine, supernatural powers.

I invite you to a trip to the world’s most powerful and scariest volcanoes.

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#1 Vesuvius, Italy

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This is the most famous volcano in the world because it's made history. Vesuvius already proved it can wipe out an entire city. That’s exactly what this bomb shell did to the ancient city of Pompeii. In 79 AD, Vesuvius petrified some 2,000 Pompeians. However, 3 million people live within its action radius, including the city of Naples. Sometimes we don’t learn from mistakes.

This scary mountainous destroyer is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world with an eruption cycle of every 20 years. Now, the terrifying thing is it is overdue. Its last eruption was in 1944.

#2 Sakurajima, Japan

This volcano went hyperactive in 2013 with more than 500 eruptions. The one on August 18 that year sent ash 5,000 meters into the air, pluming a significant amount of volcanic debris. This furious colossal was a separate island before it bridged to mainland thanks to its lava expel of 1914. Some 700,000 people live a few miles from it.

#3 Mount Nyragongo, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Nyragongo has no match. This African mountain has a very steep stratovolcano that makes possible for lava to deposit in what is known as lava lakes. In its eruption of 1977, it released so much lava that the lava flow reached 60 miles per hour killing thousands.

Its last strike in 2002 destroyed thousands of buildings in the nearby city of Goma. Fortunately authorities were capable of evacuating 400,000 people despite poor infrastructure.

#4 Mauna Loa, Hawaii

This is the biggest and trickiest volcano on the planet. The Mauna Loa is 400 miles wide but because it’s only 2.5 miles tall, scientists couldn’t detect its slope until recently. It is famous for the lava flows. Although these flaws move in slow mo, massive eruptions would pose a serious threat to human populations in the region as did happen in 1984. Scientists fear a flank slide of the mountain due to the constant lava flows. This could generate earthquakes or even a tsunami.

#5 Yellowstone Caldera, United States

Well, this video says it all.