This Would Have Been Your Makeup Routine If You Lived In The 1940s

Glamour Daze

Women of the 1940s were beautiful, slim, elegant, and incredibly feminine. Whether they were a housewife or a working woman, these ladies gave such an astounding attention to detail that gave them an overall look of decadence and class.

Women got 8-9 hours of beauty sleep, took a hot bath every night before bed, thoroughly took off their makeup before dinner with cold cream, and did their curls for the next morning.

In the video below, the narrator tells the schoolgirls that not only do manicured hands and tights with a clean hem are essential to beauty, but also what they eat and the exercise they get.


The diet for sparkling eyes and beautiful skin includes limiting fried foods and a ton of sweets from the diet, and replacing with a more balanced meal of meat, cheese, eggs or fish, butter, bread, fruit (especially citrus), and vegetables that will make for beautiful skin and glossy hair.

Small Details

The narrator also warns against small details, like nails. She says to make sure your hands are not boyish, stubby, or bitten, but rather clean and taken care of. She warns against the other extreme, which is very long nails, warning that “claws are for cats.”

She also gives a makeup tutorial, in which she shows how to properly apply your powder, rouge, and lipstick.

For more information on beauty and routines from previous eras, visit Miss Abigail’s Time Warp Advice, a site dedicated to giving contemporary women classic advice for etiquette, beauty and charm, home and house, and dating and marriage advice.

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